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About The Dambusters App



The Dambusters® is 3D flying game inspired by the famous WW2 mission. You must fly through Holland to Western Germany, bomb the great dams of the Ruhr Valley and return to England. Each Lancaster Bomber carries a secret 4 ton weapon codenamed 'Upkeep', aka 'the bouncing bomb'.


As with the historical event, you will have only 19 aircraft (and 19 bombs) to destroy all three dams and the bombs must be dropped close to a height of 60 feet, 220 mph and 420 yards from the dam.


The three Dams, The Mohne, Eder and Sorpe, and their surrounding landscapes have been accurately re-created. Precision will be required to fly at extremely low level to reach the targets, drop the bomb (using the famous twin spotlights to gauge the height) and breach the dams.


The Voice Over


We are very honoured that the voiceover has been provided by Wg. Cdr Graeme Morgan who, like Wg. Cdr. Guy Gibson D.S.O., D.F.C., V.C. also attended St.Edward's School in Oxford.




Using smooth and intuitive tilt input to fly the plane, with multiple levels of difficulty to suit all abilities, The Dambusters® App will take players on a journey back to the night of May 16th 1943, recreating one of the most daring and iconic raids of the Second World War.


Mission Objective


Fly through Holland to Western Germany, bomb three major Dams and return.


To complete the entire mission you have:

19 Lancaster Bombers.

Each aircraft is loaded with only ONE Upkeep bomb.


Practice Mode


This is to allow you to familiarise yourself with the targets and general flying skills before embarking on the full mission.


Five operational levels


Getting There

Mohne Dam

Eder Dam

Sorpe Dam

Heading Home


Four levels of difficulty


Easy, Medium, Hard & Extreme


Increasing the level of difficulty will make the plane fly faster, bullets hit harder, and the gunners more accurate. Visibility will also be reduced, visual aids on the dam approach will not be shown and the dams will also require more direct hits to breach them. Harder levels will score higher.


Licenced by MOD / RAF


The Dambusters®, 617 Squadron® & associated RAF insignia used in the game are trademarks (or designs) of The Secretary of State for Defence and are used under licence.


‘The Dambusters March’


This famous musical composition by Eric Coates is used under licence from Warner/Chappell and has been recorded for Hyperspace by the Central Band of The Royal Air Force.