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About Chilly Capers



Chilly Capers is the latest iOS App from Hyperspace. You have to help Chilly the Penguin steer the snowball downhill, through the gates (between the flags), to reach the Fish Fountain.


Navigate your way through 44 levels, across 11 spectacular volcanic landscapes, with near vertical drops and precarious ice and snow covered ledges. Pick up snow to increase the size of your snowball while trying to avoid the lava pools and hot rocks which will make it melt. Ice is more slippery while water will slow you down (and eventually melt your snowball).


There is also a Lite version which lets you try the first 4 levels free – this version can also be upgraded to the same 44 levels as the full paid App. Both are available at the Apple App Store and run on iPad2 and above, iPhone4 and above.





Using smooth and intuitive tilt input to play, Chilly Capers is designed to be fun for all ages. Stunning 3D landscapes with ice, rock, snow, lava, hot rocks and water which all affect the snowball (and the sound effects) in different ways. Changing weather and dynamic lighting add to the drama. Customise your penguin with different outfits.


Chilly Capers Credits


Designed and created by Bruce Steele. Produced by Lindsay Steele.

Many thanks to Ian Thomas for his advice and suggestion and to all our testers; especially Hannah Borril, Leah Darknell & Joe Lia.