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Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Can I upgrade Chilly Capers Lite to the full version?

A: Yes, a single in-app purchase will give you the same 44 levels as the full version


Q: Is Chilly Capers avalible on Android or Windows phone?

A: No. Chilly Capers is currently only available on iOS


Q: Why is the Pengin facing backwards?

A: Penguins don't run backwards so Chilly has to face that way to make the snowball roll forwards.


Q: Can I make Chilly talk?

A: After loading a level, before you hit play - stroke Chilly's belly.


Q: Where's the CUSTOMIZE menu?

A: After loading a level, before you hit play - press the CUSTOMIZE button.


Q: Why is the tilt at the wrong angle?

A: After loading a level, when you hit the play button the tilt will zero at whatever angle you're holding the device.


Q: How do I reset the tilt angle while playing?

A: Press pause, adjust the angle, then press play.


Q: What happened to my points when the snowball evaporated?

A: Your score evaporated too! You need to reach the fountain or your score won't count.


Q: How can I avoid getting stuck at the same place - my snowball evaporates?

A: Roll around on some snow earlier in the game. Get up some momentum and you can climb near vertical walls to avoid hot spots!


Q: My snowball gets smaller really quickly when I'm going fast (and Chilly does backflips)?

A: Slow down a bit! At very high speed, small impacts (even little bumps) will knock chunks off your snowball.