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Frequently Asked Questions



• What is PRACTICE mode?


The plane will start near the dam, no-one will shoot at you and it will only require one direct hit to breach the dam. NO scores will be saved in PRACTICE mode. Practice mode will let you repeatedly attack the same dam - press ABORT on the CONTROL PANEL to return back to the MISSION CONTROL.


• How do I start a mission?


Touch the MISSION START book on the MISSION CONTROL desktop. Choose a level of difficulty on the left page (e.g. EASY), touch the PLAY symbol on the right page. When the level loads, hold the device at a comfortable angle. Press the green CONTINUE button to start. To fly the plane, tilt the device in the direction you want to go. Tilt up to climb, forward to descend, left side down to turn left and right side down to turn right. Stay low and avoid the obstacles on the 1st Level through Holland. When you reach the Mohne Dam (2nd Level), head for the dam, follow the green lines and descend until the two spotlights come together in a sideways figure 8.


• What do the BLUE GUIDE BOXES do?


They show you the flight path to line up on the Dam. Fly through the middle of each box. They are only visible in PRACTICE and EASY modes.


• What do the GREEN LINES do?


The green lines on the water point to the centre of the Dam. Line the plane up with these and you should be on target. When the spotlights are in the GREEN BOX press the red BOMB button to drop the bomb. The green guide lines will not be shown in HARD or EXTREME modes.


• What does the WHITE STRIPED BOX show?


This shows the target area at the centre of the dam. If the bomb sinks and explodes in this area it will weaken the dam. It may take a number of hits to breach it. A hit nearer the centre will cause more damage. When the dam has been breached, you can move on to attack the next dam with your remaining bombs. If you have no bombs left, you have to head home with your remaining aircraft.


• What is the GREY LINE at the top of the screen?


Visible when approaching the MOHNE / EDER only, the gray line gives you a rough guide where to drop the bomb. Match up the width with the distance between the two towers with the ends of the line. When they line up, drop the bomb.


• What are the WHITE POSTS about?


Visible along on the SORPE dam there are some white posts, on Extreme level, use these to judge where the middle of the dam for a precision bomb drop. The number of direct hits needed to breach the dams is proportional to the level of difficulty, on EXTREME it’s harder to crack.


• Tell me about the MISSION CONTROL Desktop?


Touch items on the desk to zoom in and use the RED ARROW symbol in the top left corner to zoom back. To select another object, zoom back out to the desktop. Hold down the BLUE ? symbol in the top right to see which objects you can touch. One of the items is the HELP Book.


• How do I use the HELP Book?


Press the ARROW to exit, rotate to zoom. Swipe to view adjacent page. Touch to turn page. Touch any item on the CONTENTS page to go straight there, press the bookmark "C" to return to CONTENTS.


• I can’t see the target photos?


Choose a level of difficulty (not PRACTICE), in the MISSION START Book and exit back to the desktop, then select your chosen target folder.


• Tell me about the Levels of difficulty?


By increasing the level of difficulty will make the plane fly faster through Holland, bullets hit harder, and the gunners are more accurate. Visibility will also be reduced, visual aids on the dam approach will not be shown and the dams will also require more direct hits to breach them. Harder levels score more points of course.


• How is the SCORE calculated?


The score is determined by a number of factors. The level of difficulty, obstacle clearance, flak damage encountered, bomb drop accuracy, bombs used, dam clearance and number of Lancaster Bombers returning home. NO scores will be saved in PRACTICE mode.


• How do I specify my Player name?


Go to MISSION CONTROL, touch to zoom in on the ‘list of available pilots’ document by the nameplate. Touch to select a ‘Pilot Number’, and then touch to ‘EDIT NAME’. You can have settings for 8 pilots. A new pilot is created with default settings and the old player settings will be lost. The new Pilot name will be displayed on the nameplate.


• How do I change the name on the nameplate to the current player?


Go to MISSION CONTROL, touch to zoom in on the ‘list of available pilots’ document by the nameplate and select a the correct Pilot number.


• What does the Logbook do and how does it work?


The Logbook only keeps a record of the success of a pilot’s completed missions . It records the level of difficulty, the number of dams breached, the number of aircraft missing, the number of Upkeep bombs used, and of course the SCORE. The logbook is a thin book found on the right side of the desk. Touch to zoom in. If the logbook has enough entries there will be multiple pages. Touch left or right to turn pages. Press ARROW to exit. Only completed missions will be stored in the LOGBOOK and sorted by the highest score.


• My name/score has not appeared in the Logbook?


You must breach at least one dam for the mission to be deemed successful. If your score is one of the top 50 it will appear in the logbook.


• Will my score remain in the Logbook if my Pilot name has been changed?


Logbook entries for the previous name will still exist, but only the 50 highest scores are kept overall.


• How can I clear all the Logbook entries and reset the game to new?


The Logbook can be wiped by doing a complete reset of the game. This can only be done from the CONTROL BOX: Press the RED button on the lower left and you will be taken to a RESET PANEL. Press both buttons to RESET. This cannot be undone and all data will be lost.


• A grey circular button has appeared in my flying screen?


The joystick has been selected. To return back to the default fly by tilt, first press PAUSE (II) followed by ABORT. This takes you back to the desktop. Now zoom in to the CONTROL BOX and press to illuminate the TILT button.


• How do I alter the TILT?


Unless you disable the AUTO button on the CONTROL PANEL, you do NOT have to worry about zeroing the tilt; it will be zeroed automatically when you press the green CONTINUE button at the start the level. If the setting is not comfortable press PAUSE, hold the device at a comfortable angle and press the green CONTINUE button on the right. If you need to re-adjust, simply PAUSE, set the device to the correct angle and CONTINUE


• Can I set TILT manually?


You can override Auto Tilt if you wish by deselecting the AUTO button. Then hold your device at the preferred angle and press the round brown and blue artificial horizon button to zero it. This sets the angle at which TILT has no effect and with the AUTO button turned off this angle will be remembered.


• Do I have to use TILT to fly?


The recommended way to fly is by using TILT, so this is ON by default. Alternately, you can play using a virtual joystick. To change this you need to be in MISSION CONTROL (the Desktop) and touch the CONTROL BOX at the back of the desk. Press the JOYSTICK button; then select either LEFT or RIGHT stick. When flying the joystick (GREY CIRCULAR BUTTON) will appear. Press and move in the direction you wish to fly.


• Any other questions?


Please send us an email – see the CONTACT page on this site.